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Welcome to Somerset Stems

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

In the quaint corners of our shared childhood memories, a trio of kindred spirits—Christine Broome, Meg Darket, and Elizabeth Mann—found a common love that blossomed beyond the boundaries of family ties. Bound by both blood and a shared passion for cultivating beauty, the seeds of Somerset Stems were sown.

As we discovered the enchanting world of cut flowers that stirred our collective imagination. With dreams of tulips and dahlias painting the canvas of our conversations, we decided to turn these dreams into a tangible reality.

Image of Meg, Christine and Elizabeth with their moms
The girls with their moms

Choosing the idyllic setting of Lake Somerset as our canvas, we are embarking on a journey that is transcending the ordinary. Lake Somerset, with its reflective waters and tranquil surroundings, became the nurturing ground for our botanical dreams. It is not just a location; it is the heartbeat of our aspirations.

The transition from dreams of cut flowers to the reality of dirt, skid steers, and tillers has marked a pivotal moment in the birth of Somerset Stems. We will be spending the next few weeks getting the area prepped and ready for spring. With dirt under our nails and the hum of farm equipment in the air, Somerset Stems will begin to take root this spring.


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